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Monday, October 09, 2006

Going out on a school night

I just got back from seeing Sheryl Crowe and John Mayer...excellent concert!

When I go see a concert, I like to hear alternate versions of studio songs. I'd rather not hear the radio version. I appreciate an artist more if he/she can change a song up live, and it still be a good song. Like take a song heavy on electric guitar and perform it with different timing and go acoustic. Or throw in a long drum or guitar solo that nobody's ever heard on the radio. It shows that the artist/band hasn't stopped creating and isn't just playing out the string of concerts mandated by the record company. That being said...

Sheryl did a particularly good job with Every Day is a Winding Road and her jammed-up version of Steve McQueen was awesome!

John Mayer really showed his Stevie Ray Vaughn influences as almost every song had an extended blues guitar session. He did a hard, extended instrumental section during Why Georgia, my favorite of his songs.

I've got to get the new CD, Continuum. I hear it's pretty good. Has anybody heard it yet?

Of course the music is the basis of your concert enjoyment but the side-shows are part of the whole experience too. If you go to concerts much you'll know what I'm talking about. Two rows in front of us sat the ever-present girls-night-out trio who dance together the whole night and never sit down. Then there was the relationship-drama couple who probably didn't see half the concert because of their particular crisis. Then of course behind us and to the right were the lesbian bunch whose constant making out with each other created quite the distracting spectacle for those around them. And finally the pair of couples who sat in front of us who couldn't decide who got to sit next to whom and changed seats constantly so they could talk to each other.

All in all, the typical concert outing I would say.


bobby t said...

Question's are as follows:
Do your clothes now smell of ganga from your stash or the kids in front of you?
Did you and your wife get turned on by the lesbo make out party scene, and did it help later on?
Did you go with your Tour De France outfit on (in protest of/for Lance)?
If so, did Cheryl single you out to sing to?
Outside of that the new album by Mayer is pretty good.

Ed said...

1. Neither my wife nor I partake of said herb. That being said, the search routine at the gate rivaled prisoner treatment at Gitmo(the female prison guard who searched me took liberties that would embarass my doctor), so I don't think there was any around regardless.
2. The makeout scene reminded me of the mating ritual of the Gecko...odd and curious but not prurient.
3. If I could afford a Tour jersey I would have worn it for Sheryl.