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Monday, October 02, 2006

the chocolate city

The glaring failure of quasi-socialism in New Orleans over the past 20 years wasn't clear enough apparently, as Ray Nagin resists the advantages of the free market and insists on set-asides, race-based quotas, and affirmative action to rebuild the chocolate city in his own racist image...

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - New Orleans' mayor signed an order Monday requiring that large businesses use as many local and minority-owned firms as possible when they seek millions of dollars in tax incentives and grants for Hurricane Katrina recovery.
Mayor Ray Nagin's executive order requires applicants for the incentives to involve 50 percent local businesses and 35 percent women- or minority-controlled businesses whenever possible.
A similar requirement has been in place for government contracts, but the mayor's order expands it to businesses applying for assistance promised by various federally funded recovery programs that are administered by the city and the state.

Sure Ray, don't let the business whose bid is the lowest get the job, guarantee tax-payer money to your minority friends who may bid millions higher than other white-owned businesses. Why shouldn't the minority businesses be efficient as well? Efficiency is the cornerstone of competitiveness in business. What he's saying is that if you can claim some sort of minority status, you don't have to be the low bidder in order to get the job. We will award it to you because of the color of your skin or the presence of a bra.

"We just want to make sure we don't go back to a city of haves and have-nots," Nagin said at a news conference. "This is imperative, not only for us but for our kids and grandkids."

Haves and have-nots? Ray Nagin and the democrats were in complete control of that entire city top to bottom for years leading up to Katrina. If there were any have-nots, and the local government can control that outcome as he now claims, whose fault was that?

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, many local firms complained that the main beneficiaries of large government contracts for emergency cleanup and recovery were out-of-state businesses and workers.

That's because the locals were used to being given no-bid business from Nagin because they were black and probably wanted more money for the work. The workers that came to NO to clean up were Mexicans. Say what you want about immigration, that's another matter, but Mexicans flatout work! Hard work was something most NO residents were unused to. They were unwilling to save themselves from a category 5 hurricane, why should they be willing to clean up after themselves?

It is encouraging that the businesses in NO are getting back on their feet in spite of Ray Nagin's insistence on minority preferences for his voting base. Capitalism and the pursuit of profit always trump preferences and quotas.


d said...

Nagin can HAVE Cynthia McKinney so Georgia HAVE'S NOT. How about that?

buzz said...

That town is not big enough for both their egos.

Reid said...

Issue No. 1 w/ Chocolate Ray:

All the businesses that are starting the resurgence of busines in NO are white owned. Count Chocula can't stand that "his" people are left out. Right as rain on the point of hand outs for the non-willing to work blacks in NO.
These business men have rolled up their sleeves dealt with insurance adjusters, borrowed from banks and have started to revitalize the non-existent NO economy. No local government help at all (per my friends in the area).

Issue No. 2:
The Vietnamese NO community has completely rebuilt thier areas. They got back into this mosquito infested swamp of a town, dealt with drug dealers, thieves and hooligans from Ray's have not club, and have managed to gut and rebuild most of their houses by working together one house at a time. They did this without any aid to speak of. Good for them, but where is the Count now that they want to move into othr markets to do this work? Oh, he his flaunting the minority business preference codicile that exists (and might potentially help these immigrants get work), but we all know that this is tilted towards blacks.

Issue No.3:

Ray you are the mayor of New Orleans. I know that I am not completely up on Sleeze politics, but I do believe that if elected mayor, one is in charge of all precincts and wards, not just some.
Try to even handedly dole out business to local companies, and start a new trend. Maybe you can remeber a staement from a few years ago. It goes something like this:

"All men are created equal, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin." I think that we are supposed to do business with the best or most competitive company, within guidelines. What we don't need is to have minority businesses getting work that they aren't remotely qualified for strictly because they are minorities. Lets just try to rebuild the area and its economy correctly, and try to get rid of all the corruption and flaws that have existed in NO for all these years. Because the white man did it 50 years, doesn't mean that the black man is entitled to "his turn". Huey Long is considered to be a crook, then and now, so lets leave a positive legacy of change - now that we can Ray.
At least if not, be honest and say up front whats happening as this city is raped of its rightful recontruction.
In 1865 Yankees poured into the south to pillage the defeated poor southerners. It seems like now that we are witnessing the same thing, only our NO blacks are doing it to the NO white community and to themselves. We seemed to have learned very little as a country as it pertains to human rights and decency. I guess that it should be expected with leaders such as Count Chocula and former Rep. "Bug Eyes Mckinney". Where are the Collin Powell and Condy Rice types when the black community needs good moral and just guidance?