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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some people just need killin'

Zealot Fred Phelps and his followers at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, have a bone to pick with Pennsylvania governor Rendell. Appallingly, he doesn't take their crazed rantings that God hates homosexuals, seriously. So what's a cult to do? Why they protest at the funerals in Pennsylvania of 5 Amish girls brutally murdered by a psychopath...

I picked this story up over at Right-Thinking...
The controversial anti-homosexual Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., plans to stage a protest at the funerals of the five Amish girls executed in their Pennsylvania school, according to a flyer posted on the church's Web site.

The church is protesting the funerals because of the attendance of Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who has spoken out against the church publicly, the flyer says. Both Amish and non-Amish residents of Lancaster County, where the shooting took place, have vowed to not allow any protesters anywhere near the funeral services.

But the daughter of the church's pastor, Rev. Fred Phelps, told FOXNews.com on Wednesday the church would cancel the protests if given media time on radio and television as a platform to espouse for Westboro's beliefs.

"We're not going to any of the Amish funerals, that's the agreement we're making, that we won't go to any of them," Shirley Phelps-Roper told FOXNews.com.

Phelps-Roper defended the church's decision to protest at the Amish girls' funerals.

"Those Amish people, everyone is sitting around talking about those poor little girls, blah, blah, blah, "they brought the wrath upon themselves," Phelps-Roper said, adding that the Amish "don't serve God, they serve themselves."

These people are vermin, and because their lives have less value to society than lab rats, they deserve to have scientific experiments performed on them. At least in that way they will have contributed something positive to the world...but that's just me.

Because Governor Rendell rightly refused to give them an audience, conservative radio talk-show host Mike Gallagher nobly negotiated to give them an hour of his air time to vent their grievances. In return they will leave the Amish community alone to grieve their losses without aggravation from them.

I applaud Gallagher for this heroic move but I can't imagine having to sit for an hour and listen to their nonsense...poor guy.


Bob Underwood said...

Sad as itis, this is what our country has come to. These people have documented biblical evidence that stating that this behavior is unacceptable. To even consider for a second that these poor Amish families should be forced to endure this is an abomination. If the Westboron's want to protest, fine, protest away, but do it where appropriate, not at this funeral.
As a Baptist, I resent their approach, all they are doing is turning people away from God, instead of bringing people to the Lord.

I try to live by a simple yet difficult creed... I may be the only vision of God that someone sees today, I should make it a good one.

Ed said...

Good words to live by B.

Thankfully, the media aren't giving these cretins the time of day, other than the Gallagher deal.

I heard from my wife that the two oldest girls asked to be shot first hoping to buy some time for the younger ones.

Also, the Amish community reached out to the widow of the killer and she was an invited guest at the funerals.

Talk about living a godly life!

That anybody would cause these people any more discomfort like these idiot protestors is demonic. They have a special place in hell waiting for them.