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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, October 13, 2006

Al Gore is an idiot

While the earliest snow in the last century blankets Detroit, Chicago, and other parts of the midwest, Al Gore continues to complain about global warming. That's funny enough, but Al doesn't stop there embarassing himself. It seems the Norks' nuclear bomb test was a dud because they used polluted, impure plutonium. Al is not upset about the Norks testing nuclear weapons, he's upset that they used impure nuclear fuel to do it, complaining that it contributes to global warming.

Global thermonuclear war doesn't bother Al apparently, but using impure plutonium to test bombs does? How has he avoided institutionalization this long? The longer he remains in the forefront of the Democratic Party, the better it is for conservatives.

Run Al, run!!!


Reid said...

Did AlGore get a bad prune to suck on just prior to this picture, or is this the face of a global warming alarmist?

glenn200 said...

It's Al's prissy face.