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Monday, October 16, 2006

Give Madonna a break already

As an entertainer, Madonna is a loathsome waste of clean air. That being said, what is all the fuss about her adotping a child from Africa? The criticism is that she's taking the kid away from his family or that she's just using her celebrity status and money to "buy" a child. First of all, the kid's mother is dead and the father says he can't take care of him anyway. As for the buying-the-kid criticism...so what? Americans do foreign adoptions by the thousands every year and every single one of those babies is "bought" by the parents. There's no other way to describe the extortion that takes place in China, Russia, Guatamala and other countries who demand that adotpive parents spend many days in local hotels, exorbitant adoption "processing" fees, legal fees for who knows what, and many expensive plane trips back and forth from America. Foreign adoptions can cost 20-30 thousand dollars. Tell me that's not buying a baby. If Madonna can give this kid a chance at a decent life, good for her.

Personally, I think she's jealous of the attention Angelina Jolie gets and she just wants to be back in the spotlight. To celebrities, kids are just like pets or the latest Prada bag. They are just a temporary novelties to be paraded around for the paparazzi, but regardless of her motives, she seems to be a decent parent. I would argue that being a celebrity's novelty attention getter in America is better than a life of hoplessness, disease, and despair in Africa.

Madonna may be adopting this kid for the wrong reasons but he will be guaranteed a better life...I don't have a problem with that. For once, I think people should get off her back.

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