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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Norks get a spanking from daddy

Looks like Kim Jong Il got his chain yanked...

TOKYO (AP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il told a Chinese envoy his regime has no immediate plans to carry out another nuclear test but whether it will do so in the future depends on U.S. policy toward his country, a news report said Sunday.

The Norks decided not to test another newkular weapon this week after all. I don't think it has anything to do with the possibility of the U.S.'s concession to their demands of massive aid for the NoKo people. Bush hasn't indicated a willingness in that direction in any way. The Bush doctrine is spot-on, disarmament first, then talks.

Most agree that China is the key to all this. NoKo practically exists at the pleasure of the Chinese. Certainly the Chinese fear economic consequences and international condemnation if they don't rein in the pot-bellied, dog-eating dictator. I think Hu Jintao figured rightly that friendly trading relations with the U.S., and the rest of the free world, is worth more than supporting the crazy Norks. In addition, Japan and SoKo, to whom Jong Il has been openly hostile, hinted at the possibility of going nuclear if Jong Il was allowed to pursue weapons. The last thing the Chinese want is a nuclearized East Asia.

Look at this picture. Jong Il looks like an 8 year old, embarassed that he just had his fanny spanked by somebody...that somebody was China.


Reid said...

I agree Ed, but I also think that the Japanese reaction helped spur all of this. The organization of their military, moving towards a definite retalliation of NOKO if things didn't shape up was a catalyst for the Chinese to zip into the wastelands of NOKO and reign in Jung il. Condi's visit also got the Chinese moving, I feel that she met with certain people who could (and did) communicate problems that China might face as well.
In light of this, I feel that any negotiations would be ill-timed and garner poor results. We all feel that without China, NOKO would cease to exist, from starvation. This may be what needs to happen, and we may need to look long and hard at a stricter stance on trade with China. They are definitely afraid of the NOKO's entering their country or the wall/fence would not have been erected. This threat plays into our hands. If China cannot handle the potential influx of starving Koreans, then maybe we need to push harder and take care of both countries at the same time. That only leaves Venuzuela and Crazy Chavez left to deal with. Communism is drastically different than its early predecessor. Stalin and Lenin are rolling over in their graves as these countries all become more Westernized. Economics is the key to successful dealing in the east asian area

Ed said...

Agreed. Nothing defeats communism like good old free-enterprise capitalism. Just give the people a taste of money and earning potential, and in a generation or two, the tag "communism" will just be a tag. China is headed in that direction already.

Shanghai starts building on a new skyscraper every two days or something absurd like that. In another generation or two, the people running the "communist" government will be the children of wealthy Chinese businessmen and they won't have been indoctrinated in the communist way...they will have grown up in an environment of competition, wealth, and free enterprise.

Reid said...

Do you think that KJ il would like to jump off that bridge. I will glady pack his parachute. While not a professional, I did see it done in a movie, and I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.