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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 06, 2010

Dumb hippies adore their own waste

That environmentalists are fetishistically obsessed with their own waste is well documented here, and here, as well as other places, but this is their most disgusting idea yet.....

The Bio-Bug has been converted by a team of British engineers to be powered by biogas, which is produced from human waste at sewage works across the country.

They believe the car is a viable alternative to electric vehicles.

Excrement flushed down the lavatories of just 70 homes is enough to power the car for 10,000 miles - the equivalent of one average motoring year.

Is there a toilet seat in the back seat so you and your smelly, hippie friends can pinch a loaf directly into the tank and just keep on truckin'? Is anybody besides me wondering about the obvious smell, or may we assume that pot smoke, missed baths, and patchouli will drown it out? I swear, the stupidity of environmentalists knows no bounds.


Michael said...

I like the slogan on the side of the 'car'. Seems like a fitting slogan for our government: Powered by our waste!

As for a viable alternative to electric vehicles, I'd rather drive a Nissan LEAF. But only if the electricity comes from American coal, natural gas or nuclear power.

Sad to say but the Chinese have it right, more electricity really does help an economy grow. What's Washington's problem with generating power from sources we have here?

ed said...

Environmentalists kooks dominate the democrat party. Any energy consumption other than our own waste is anathema to liberal environmentalists. They can consume all the resources they want but the rest of us little people musn't be allowed to.