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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Tiger back....finally?

I don't really care what Tiger did off the course. It's no body's business but his family's and he certainly didn't owe anybody except Elin an apology and explanation. That said, I've been waiting for the old Tiger to finally pull it together and start kicking some butt on the tour again. Maybe this will be the week....

Tiger Woods finally looked like the No. 1 player in the world.

In his first tournament since his divorce, he played by far his best round of the year Thursday at The Barclays, missing only one fairway and two greens in a 6-under 65 for his lowest score this year.

I'm still a big fan of Tiger's. You self-righteous critics can get over yourselves. His personal life isn't your business to pass judgement on.

Hopefully a good showing this week will earn Tiger a spot on the Ryder Cup team and finally convince Phil that he can never be #1 as long as Tiger's on the tour. I think I'll go out and buy some Nike golf gear now, just to show my support.

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