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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Libs don't like hearing the truth

Apparently Sen. Alan Simpson hurt somebody's feelings....

Directly from Neal Boortz -- It seems Alan Simpson sent an email to the executive director of some outfit called the National Older Women's League. Her name is Ashley Carson. In the email he compared Social Security to "a milk cow with 310 million tits!" Responding to a column Carson wrote in the Huffington Post, Simpson writes: "I've spent many years in public life trying to stabilize that system while people like you babble into the vapors about 'disgusting attempts at ageism and sexism' and all the rest of that crap." He then signed the letter, "Call when you get honest work!"

Democrats are crying for his removal from Obama's debt commission for his insensitivity. I say give him a promotion. He's absolutely right. Social Security was never intended to totally fund the retirement of every American, yet most spend all their money living large and then expect other Americans who're still working to maintain for them, the lavish life-styles to which they've grown accustomed. Social Security is little more than a legal Ponzi scheme in which money taken from workers today, gets paid directly to retirees today. At some point there won't be enough workers to fund the retirements of everybody who demands it.

Was Simpson harsh? Yes. Was he right? Absolutely!

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