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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was holding it for a friend.....heh heh!

Just how dumb is Paris Hilton?

Las Vegas cops pulled over an Escalade and after several suspicious moves by the occupants, one being Paris, the officer observed in her purse, a small bag containing 0.8gms of cocaine....for those keeping score at home, that amounts to a felony possession charge. Paris stupidly retreated to the tired excuse, "It's not mine....I was just holding it for a friend".

Tell it to the judge, Paris!

Surely after her stint in the LA's county clink and assorted marijuana possession busts, this will finally get this menace off the streets and into jail where anybody else not named Paris, Britney, or Lindsay would end up after a string of collars like this.

I think she's tired of Lindsay Lohan getting all the bad-girl attention and wants to reclaim her rightful place as the world's dumbest tramp. She's off to a good start. If she can just manage to seduce a jail guard in exchange for drugs, that'll guarantee her the crown for sure.

I for one, am pulling for her.

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