“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SEIU 'tards make mockery of selves

Here's a collection of garden-variety Obama voters who, judging by their mad spelling skills, apparently dropped out of the sixth grade to join the union.

Our education secretary Andy Duncan sent an e-mail to all 4,000 Ed. Dept. employees suggesting that they attend Al Sharpton's King-day rally. I wonder if any of them spotted the spelling error in this SEIU sign while marching with Al? I doubt it since correct spelling doesn't fit into their curriculum of political correctness, Obama-worship, and self esteem stroking.

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