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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Obama lies like an area rug

Chairman Zero does what all democrats without any real connection to history do, they make it up.....

When WWII ended, Obama's Kenyan father was 9 years old. I doubt he served. Perhaps he was talking about his surrogate father and mentor Frank Marshall Davis, the avowed communist and radical America hater, but probably not. As Van Helsing over at Moonbattery points out, Obama's uncle served in WWII. During his campaign, the adolescent community agitator claimed that he helped liberate Auschwitz but he could have done that only if he fought with the Soviet Red Army....they liberated Auschwitz, not the Americans.

Phoney democrats love to inject themselves into historical accounts because most of them lack any actual historical relevance or significance....

*In order to appear to have experience with combat, Hillary claimed she was shot at in Bosnia.
*She claimed she was named Hillary after Sir Edmund Hillary who claimed Mt. Everest but he did that when she was already 3. Nobody had ever heard of him before that.
*Bill Clinton claimed that as an adolescent he offered his bus seat to a poor black child when he heard about Rosa Parks but, all schools in Arkansas were segregated at that time....there couldn't have been any black children on his bus.
*Bill Clinton claimed that his concern over black church fires in Arkansas in the 60's formed his political ideas on race and gave him unique perspective on the plight of black voters, yet there is not a single documented case of a black church being burned in Arkansas during Clinton's residence there.

Obama claimed that his father served in WWII because it gives him historical relevance in front of the audience he's speaking to that day. It's shameful and embarrassing. I can't believe anybody takes at face value anything that comes from his, or any democrat's mouth.

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