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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 27, 2010

EPA--the most dangerous agency in America

Since the idiotic ruling by the Supreme Court that the EPA can regulate any and all sources of the harmless gas CO2, the potential power grabs by the federal government of literally every facet of our lives, included breathing, are moving forward.

Because bullets necessarily contain lead, and the EPA defines lead as an environmental contaminant, they believe that they have the authority to ban all bullets(bullets containing other materials are considered armor piercing and are therefore illegal already) effectively rendering all privately owned weapons useless. But this stealth assault on the 2nd amendment by the voracious federal bureaucracy is precisely what we would expect from the adolescent Marxist in the white house. A disarmed populace is an easily controlled populace. Meanwhile the EPA is stockpiling weapons for enforcement purposes. Be afraid!

20 months ago it would have been farcical to envision a time in which the EPA, having been given unlimited powers of regulation and enforcement, assumed authoritarian power over the citizenry. But now, it's very imaginable if not likely.

Go out and buy all the guns and ammo you can afford before our petty, tyrannical overlords get the ban in place.


Bill said...

According to the NRA, the EPA announced Friday that they don't have authority to regulate ammo and don't seek such authority. They thus denied the petition of the "Center for Biological Diversity." The anti-gun groups lose again.

ed said...

I heard that this weekend. It's pretty bad when craziness like this can actually gain traction in the American psyche.