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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you're going to quit a job.....quit big!

Now this his how you quit your job....

From Dailymail -- When fed-up flight attendant Steven Slater got into a foul-mouthed row with a passenger after landing at JFK airport he decided enough was enough. The 38-year-old immediately announced his resignation over the public address system, grabbed a cold beer from the galley, activated the jet's emergency slide, slid down and headed for his car.

There's always at least one jerk on every flight. You can usually pick him out before it takes off. I'll bet all flight attendants fantasize about doing this at least once a week.

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David said...

I've thought about quitting air travel and I'm just a passenger.

My second least favorite part of air travel is the TSA security gauntlet, especially the group of mouth-breathers at the Atlanta airport.

My least favorite part about air travel? The flight.

And try as I might I cannot elevate above Delta Airlines Plumbium Medallion Class which, as far as I can tell, offers no advantages or benefits over the rest of the bus-dwellers.

My sanctuary will be an impending purchase of a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones and a depressant such as Benadryl or liquor.