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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off the deep end with Joseph Farah

I've always read World Net Daily and have respect for it's editor Joseph Farah, but I think he's completely missing the point on this whole "gay" issue with Ann Coulter.

To bring you up to speed, Ann was slated to speak at a WND conference until Farah heard that she had agreed to also speak at the GOProud convention, which is a gathering for gay conservatives. Farah opposes gay marriage and immediately struck Ann from the WND line-up and publicly criticized her for her choice of audiences. Of course Ann went on Red Eye and called Farah a "swine", "attention whore", and "a pretend Christian" with all the biting sarcasm we expect and enjoy from Ann.

Bizarrely, Farah went on a Serious Radio show hosted by a gay dude, in order to insult Ann some more for speaking to gays, then he renounced conservatism altogether. Honestly, I don't know what problem values-conservatives have with gay conservatives. Who cares of they want to get married? As long as they favor low taxes, federalism, limited government, and don't hinder my pursuit of happiness, I don't care if they want to marry their gold fish.

Conservatism should be a big-tent movement that accepts all conservatives regardless of their orientation. This anti-gay litmus test to prove your conservative credentials is absurd and it's why the democrats continue to successfully label us the party of exclusion and hate. And the obsession with sexual orientation of the religious right is not only creepy and telling, it's contradictory to what you claim conservatism is about. If the government needs to stay out of the personal lives of Americans, then so should you.

You social conservatives need to get over yourselves and judge other conservatives by their issue positions and not their personal lives.

Exit question: there are lots of conservatives who are atheists. Does this disqualify them from being in our movement too?

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