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Monday, August 09, 2010

Moving the goal-posts

Famously unmarried actress who can't find Mr. Right with whom to start a family despite a world-wide search declares, "Modern women don't need to land Mr. Right to start a family".

That's exactly what I would say if I were her and staring at the less attractive side of 42. I wonder if she's entirely undatable or is it that all men are pigs? I'm guessing men in Hollywood are all pigs because she looks amazing.


David said...

Men ARE pigs but you have to wonder why she is undateable. Could be she is smarter than the average bear or she is crazy. Since she is a celebrity it is easier for me to believe the latter.

ed said...

She'd have to be utterly bat-shit crazy for me to not at least take a run at it. I've never heard stories but you'd have to think something's up that makes the guys hesitate.

ed said...

Besides, what's wrong with crazy? I kind of dig nutty broads.