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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rick Sanchez flubs again

CNN's Rick Sanchez reminds everybody why he's the dumbest anchor on all of TV and makes his boss reconsider that network's "hire-the-handicapped" program....

He was exclaiming to guest Jessica Yellin regarding Obama's recent denial that he didn't have a US birth-certificate by saying, "...he's the cotton-picking President of the United States!"

I get that it's just an expression of frustration and not intended to be racial but CNN's race-conscious viewers reminded him via Twitter that you can't call the first black president "cotton-picking" anything, forcing the duly chastised Sanchez to offer an apology. Heh heh....imagine if a Fox anchor had called the black President the "cotton-picking President". There'd be blood in the streets over that firing. But the retards at CNN can get away with it because they are the propaganda wing of the democrat party.

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