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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liberals caused the bedbug outbreak

When dumb liberals allowed EPA administrator Bill Ruckelshaus to unilaterally ban the domestic use and production of the harmless pesticide DDT in 1972, who knew it would unleash a bedbug infestation years later?

From Newsbusters -- Bedbugs, once nearly eradicated, have spread across New York City, in part because of the decline in the use of DDT. According to the city’s Department of Housing and Preservation, the number of bedbug violations has gone up 67 percent in the last two years. In the most recent fiscal year, which ended on June 30, the city’s 311 help line recorded 12,768 bedbug complaints, 16 percent more than the previous year and 39 percent above the year before.

Thoroughly discredited author Rachael Carson wrote Silent Spring, in which she erroneously claimed that the most effective pesticide ever invented, DDT, was responsible for the thinning of birds' egg shells. Without even going to hearings, Ruckelshaus(a card-carrying member of the Sierra Club) banned DDT, condemning millions of Africans to tormented deaths from malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases, and as we learn now, hundreds of thousands of Americans to disgusting attacks from bed bug infestations today.

Dumb environmentalists will accept, if not welcome, any number human casualties and hardships, regardless of how devastating, if they can smugly brag about stopping the use of a man-made chemical...any chemical. In their eyes, human infection and suffering are just punishments for our betrayal of Mother Gaea.

Humans, not them of course, other humans, living quaintly like cavemen, tormented by pestilence and infestation, drinking our own urine and shivering in the dark is the Utopian goal of these people.

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