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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pitbulls and chickens don't play well together

Down in Florida, where else, one neighbor's two pit bulls attacked and killed the other neighbor's chickens. Here's a picture of what the remains of a chicken killed by pit bulls might look like....

I've said it before and I'll say it again....people who own pit bulls should be held criminally responsible when those dogs attack and kill. Pit bulls have one purpose....killing. That's all they do. It's chickens today, but tomorrow it'll be that family's kids who get attacked as they run around their yard playing. Pit bulls don't know the difference between a chicken, a rabbit, and a child. They're all just small things that run and need to be eaten.

If a pit bull attacked anyone in my family, there'd be no measure to the fury with which I would slaughter that animal. And after I shot the dog, I'd have to pistol-whip the owner, purely on principle.

I know there are a lot of pitbull defenders out there so give your defense of pitbulls your best shot in the comment thread.


Anonymous said...


Another person completely uneducated on the breed. It is such a sad and unfortunate stigma placed upon these loving and loyal dogs. I bet you didn't know that pitbulls scored higher on the temperment test than a chihuahua AND a golden retriever. The only reason people publicize pitbull attacks is because they are a stronger dog in which case the damage is obviously worse. Why do we never hear of the small dog attacks on children, adults, etc? Most of us know that small dogs are characteristicly more vicious and much less tolerant.

ANY dog breed can be vicious if not socialized and raised properly. If you buy a dog from a good honest breeder than it will have come from a bloodline of loving and well-cared for dogs. That means PEOPLE are making the dog vicious by raising it the wrong way. Please stop saying it is the pitbull that is vicious, when the stigma should really be put on the disgusting people who don't know how to raise and love a dog properly.

Anonymous said...

Sigh here also.

As a new pitbull owner I have been doing a tremendous amount of researching and self educating. These dogs were bred many, many years ago to take down livestock. Chickens are in fact "livestock." Unfortunately, my one year old pit has recently discovered the neighbors chickens and has managed to kill two of them, happily bringing them home for us to see. They have been very gracious about the incidents because they are reasonable individuals who have 8 cocker spaniels who have killed close to two dozen of their chickens on their property. We immediately installed fencing around the remaining open portions of our 5 acres and hope the problem is solved. However, it would be nice if the neighbors would not allow their chickens to roam freely when they are not present. It is far too much of a temptation for any dog. Our pit has not ever entered the chicken run, these chickens were out in the back area of their property. I was planning on getting chickens but am rethinking that. I must first make certain I can ensure their safety as well as educate my dog that the chickens are not for him. He is a very loving and people friendly dog. The one people need to be concerned with is my beautiful big black lab, commonly known as a great family dog. Hmmm.... maybe that needs to be reconsidered.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion on pit bulls is very shallow, close minded, and incorrect. My pit just got into our chicken coop today and killed 9, not because hes viscious, but because he likes to play with them, and chase them playfully. And he is WONDERFUL with every small child hes ever been around! Very well tempered and gentle. So before you judge a dogs breed by unresearched opinions, read up. Honestly if labs or pomeranians were fought for money on the streets or bad parts of the neighborhoods, they would get the same trash talk. it's 100% based on the owner, not the animal!

Anonymous said...

Your a dousche bag

Sarah Kolarik said...

"Your opinion on pit bulls is very shallow, close minded, and incorrect. My pit just got into our chicken coop today and killed 9, not because hes viscious, but because he likes to play with them, and chase them playfully"


Here's my theory on instincts:
I own a Border Collie, and they were bred for the instinct to chase moving objects by 'eyeing' them. Anything can 'trigger' his instinct, including falling leaves and big balls.
When the instinct is triggered, off he goes, intensely focused on whatever it is, staring it down and trying to make it move.
Other breeds, like hunting dogs, are fine around people but as soon as they see a small animal, that instinct is triggered and off it runs to catch that animal and kill it. Retreivers make great pets because their instinct is to bring things back to you. However, it is unknown what exactly would trigger a bully breed, but it can range from a doorbell ringing to a yard full of screaming children.

Pitbulls and Amstaffs are dogs too, and they are capable of the same amount of love. But carry a breakstick with you at all times.

And watch out for that instinct.

Goddess8 said...

In the seventies it was the Doberman, the eighties it was German Shepards and Chows, now it's Pitbulls. Actually all of these dogs are very loyal! I've never personally known a pitbull who was anything but sweet and full of kisses!

Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration, but it really isn't the dog's fault - it's the fault of all these morons in the world who actually believe they can take a dog breed that has been in existence for literally hundreds of years, bred to kill anything in front of it, and turn it into a widdle, wuvvy, puppy.

Short story: humans are stupid. Anyone who believes they can baby a Pit Bull and prevent it from responding to its nature is a fool.

Pits are descended from a long line of killers and the best killers were selected as the next generation's sires/dams. That's what people wanted them for - to kill things. Even the cutest little Yorkie is a descendant of killers stretching back hundreds of years.

Nobody blames a Border Collie for trying to herd animals around. Why is that? Well, it's because hundreds of years of breeding have produced a dog that wants to herd other animals around. That's what they do.

Terriers of any type have been bred for hundreds of years to kill things from rodents to badgers to feral hogs to bears. Killing is what they do. Despite this fact, people watch idiots on TV with their "loving" Pits and decide, "Hey, I can own a Pit and teach it to love everything too!" As I said, people are morons.

BTW, once that dog has killed the chicken, the sky is the limit. It's going to try and kill again. If the owner won't keep it up, all that can be done is put it down, which is sad, but the hard truth. Again, it's the owner's fault - not the dog's.

I have two ACDs of my own, a neighbor with two black Labs and a neighbor with two Pits. Guess which ones killed my rooster yesterday? Hmmm...the cattle dog? Nope. The hunting dog? Nope. You guessed it! The dog with hundreds of years of killer breeding.

Again, not the dog's fault. It's the fault of all the idiots out there wearing Dickies shorts and OCC t-shirts with iron cross stickers on their jacked-up Tahoes who think the best way to express themselves is to own a ridiculous looking dog without understanding how to train or interact with it. But hey, it looks cool.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this is a dumb ass and a city bitch lol

marlene deleeuw said...

My pit bulls and chickens hang out for real!