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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, August 30, 2010

Smartest President ever?

Obama artfully demonstrates his understanding of basic geometry, simple shapes, and problem solving acumen....
Caption 1: "If only fenced archway designers weren't so darned racist."
Caption 2: "If I've told that idiot Emanual once, I've told him a thousand times, round umbrellas don't fit through square gate holes"
Caption 3: "Forget the country, Michelle isn't going to be proud of me anymore if I let her hair get wet."

If Obama is supposed to be so profoundly intelligent, as our elitist betters in the media lecture us daily, how does The One get so easily stumped by an open umbrella? Why doesn't he just turn is sideways, or close it for a second?

Thanks to Drudge for the picture.

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