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Friday, September 04, 2009

Dumb environmentalists are obsessed with their own urine

The harebrained nonsense that nutty environmentalists come up with in order to slow mythical global warming or save a drop of water, has been mocked and ridiculed for years here at TRR. Well, here's the latest....

This urinal is a combination sink and urinal. The top portion contains the sink for washing your hands after going. During and after washing, the sink water cascades down to flush the urinal part of the contraption. There’s no need for a separate flush which makes this a green device, saving water.

Hey, why not? Stupid, gross hippies already drink their own urine and shower water, why not wash their hands in the same porcelain opening they pee in? How long after installation before some jerk teenager decides to pee in the hand station? 5 minutes? And how long after that before another one drops a deuce in there? Then where'll you dumb hippies wash your hands?

Thanks to Moonbattery for the story.

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