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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, September 18, 2009

SanFranNan fakes emotions and warns about imaginary, right-wing violence

As you know by now, Nancy Pelosi is a vile, loathsome wretch! She will make any, ANY accusation, regardless of how outrageous and transparent, against her political enemies. Here's the latest...

She dared to compare Obama's policy critics to the murderers of Harvey Milk and SF Mayor George Muscone in 1978. She even tried to generate some crocodile tears for the occasion. Folks this is dangerous territory to be treading by the Speaker of the House. To falsely liken one's political opponents to racists and murderers is beyond reprehensible! His admonishment said it was a "discredit to the House" but, what about tax-cheat Charlie Rangel? Who's discredited the House more than him, yet not a word from Speaker Pelosi about him? This glaring hypocrisy proves that it's nothing but tactical political posturing in the short term but, in the long term, the admonishment and the larger racism charge is craftily designed to make other critics of The One think twice before voicing their policy concerns. After all, nobody wants to be forced by the complicit, feckless media to defend the racism charge, regardless of how preposterous it is.


Tracie said...

We can see the glaring hypocrisy and silliness of the accusations, but it still seems like most people adore their cool president. I know some polls say he's slipping, but I see his mug everywhere. WIth the media, unions, and public schools on his side, is there any chance of maintaining a Constitutional America?

Ed said...

Only if we vote out of office, every representative and senator we can in the midterms. Republican and Democrat alike, that way they all get the message. Republicans took our support for granted and spent like drunken democrats all through the Bush years. They've proven that they can't be trusted either.

Tracie said...

I agree about not voting D or R - I didn't in Nov.But with the indoctrination/ propaganda - will *we* have enough support in five or 10 years - or even this election?
How can you change the way people think or rather don't think for themselves when most minds are being shaped by left leaning schools and a lapdog media? How can we compete when they have such an advantage?

Just this week I saw three differnt Obama displays in our small school district - that's without looking for it. I'm sure there are more. The videos we see on youtube or stories on FOX aren't isolated.
Last week, my son made a comment about N. Korea and Obama (when asked about their fears) and the teacher responded with a dumb war for oil/rice analogy - at least i'm pretty sure that's the point he was trying to make. It's hard to say since I wasn't there and it is such a stretch.
Anyway, it just seems like a losing battle. Sorry to be such a downer ;-) but I seriously don't see how this can turn around under the circumstances.
Or maybe I just need to spend some time in more conservative areas of the country. This place is depressing.

Ed said...

Keep the faith Tracie. The shrill, mindless drones that you're talking about are a vocal minority. They in no way represent the numbers that they appear to represent. Talk about the news with your kids and explain to them why we conservatives believe the way we believe, so they recognize propaganda when they hear it. Remember, truth and common sense are on our side. Everything the left does is a veiled attempt to seize more control over our lives and fundamentally they are wrong for that. After healhcare fails, the'll move right into shoving amnesty down our throats. We'll repel them on that too.

Rush said it best yesterday, "The times are starting to feel like 1979 to me and you know what we got in 1980.....Ronaldus Maximus!"

Let's hope he's right.

Tracie said...

I guess that is the upside - it is a great way to teach them the subtle and not so subtle ways the schools try to manipulate their thoughts. And I was pretty proud that he told the teacher something like.. north korea will nuke someone and obama will just apologize for it.
I'm glad I only have one kid in public school though.

As far as nancy goes - it's amazing that the dumb liberals are painting conservatives as the radicals - they have Wright - Ayers and Van Jones but everyday, simple life american's who want to work hard for their families - they're the crazies - people will believe anything.

Tracie said...

whoa - lots mistakes in there :)