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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What are we pretending to still be doing in Afghanistan?

Over in the Washington Post this morning, George F. Will is calling for our withdrawal from Afghanistan. I have to admit that he raises some good arguments. Is this cat box worth attempting to save? No matter how you look at it, the answer is basically, no.

For me, these are the questions that must be answered before we send Americans to die anywhere on Earth....if we are going in, what are our objectives? Are they realistic? How much American blood and treasure are we willing to sacrifice to achieve these goals. And in the case of Afghanistan, it's a God-forsaken, drug lord-infested, crap-hole without a shred of value other than the annual poppy crop. Suppose we do kill the Taliban, which we can't, what'll be left but a crater of destitution and Muslim fanaticism?

-Have we gotten rid of the Taliban? No
-Have we found Bin Laden and killed him? No
-Have many Americans died there? Yes
-What did their deaths ultimately accomplish, given that we cannot build a nation out of rocks, third-world, Muslim zealotry, and opium, because that's all there is?

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David said...

I agree Ed. "Pretending" is a very good description of what's going on. I say get the hell out of there so we can focus on things and places that actually mean something to the U.S. Like the U.S. maybe.