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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan never had a chance

This is Dina Lohan, skank mother to perennial reprobate Lindsay. Surprise, she's in trouble for being a dingleberry on her own daughter, again.

So Carvel doled out free-ice-cream cards to 75 celebrities with the stipulation that the celebrity be present to redeem the card. Apparently the Lohan clan has been abusing the card in Lindsay's absence to the point that Carvel took back the card. Mother of the year Dina called the cops when her latest demand for free ice-cream was refused.

"Don't you know who my daughter is? She was in that movie like 10 years ago, now gimme my free triple-scoop of fudge royal.......with sprinkles"!

I am so sick of hearing about stupid Hollywood parents living off their kid's successes. With a stupid, tramp of a mother like Dina, what chance did Lindsay ever really have?

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