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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Your tax dollars spent to study the obvious

Regular reader Billy sent this link to an article describing a taxpayer-funded research project that came to the Earth-shattering conclusion that food advertised on TV tended to be more unhealthy than fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.....you don't say?

From Arcamax -- SAVANNAH, Ga. (UPI) -- Foods advertised on television tend to be high in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt, and low in nutrients that protect against disease, U.S. researchers say.

Is this really the sort of thing we need to be spending taxes on? You have to be either mentally retarded or Michael Moore to not know that food advertised on TV isn't necessarily healthy. Why not, How To Cap Mile-Deep Oil Leeks, or How To Separate 90million Gallons of Oil From Sea Water. Those are a couple of worthwhile studies to which we DON'T already have the answer.

The author of the study then added ominously: "The public should be informed about the nature and extent of the bias in televised food advertisements."

Newsflash Dr. Poindexter, anybody with a rudimentary ganglion for a brain knows what foods are healthy and unhealthy. Otherwise they deserve to end up morbidly obese with heart disease and begging to be on Biggest Loser - Season 10.

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