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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Paul McCartney reminds me why I hate the Beatles

Paul McCartney reminds me why I can't stand Beatles music anymore and specifically, why he's a silly, pompous has-been. As the nation crumbles and citizens suffer, an oblivious Obama continues to host stupid celebrities for lavish Wednesday night parties so he can have his ass repeatedly kissed by them....

McCartney thanked Obama and remarked how, “…it was good that after the last eight years, America had a president who knew what a library was.”

How nice that McCartney feels that he can insult a President of the country, without which, the Beatles would just be another mediocre, forgotten band from Liverpool....which they really were anyway. I mean if it weren't for the perfect storm of America's musical and cultural awakening of the 60's, drugs, and ditsy, teen girls, the Beatles would never have had a chance. There songs were drug-inspired, boiler-plate, bubble-gum pop. McCartney should keep his ass-kissing commentary to himself and retire gracefully in England where he belongs.

That Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Grohl were in attendance makes it increasingly difficult for me to remain a big fan of theirs.


capt. america said...

You're losing the grip, Ed?

ed said...

How does my resentment of dumb musicians insulting my country count as losing my grip? I truly do not like the Beatles. I'm not making that up.