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Friday, June 18, 2010

Joe Barton's "shakedown" comment was spot on!

BP CEO Tony Hayward showed up yesterday to be tarred and feathered by grandstanding politicians from both parties. It was all just pointless political theater, designed to score populist political points with dumb Americans who're clamoring for empathy from Washington. Nothing makes a craven politician's heart race like an evil executive on his knees letting them kick him repeatedly in the mouth in front of the cameras. If anybody can tell me what the purpose of the hearings were, I'd enjoy hearing all about it.

Now, I'm not saying that BP doesn't bear most if not all the financial and clean-up responsibility for the spill and it's lasting effects, or that Tony Hayward isn't sort of a villain but, when Barton said that Obama's demand for $20billion was a shakedown, he was dead on! There's already a mechanism in place to compensate claims from affected Gulf residents with dozens of offices where claims are being quickly processed. The money is already being doled out. Why should the federal government be involved at all rather than the governors or mayors of the states? Answer: because the current process bypasses the federal bureaucracy and Obama will not let a $20billion pot of gold be spent without his administration directing where it goes. Nor will he allow this crisis be resolved without him receiving all the credit for resolving it. Obama promised that an independent person will see to the distribution of the money, yet he appointed the pay czar Ken Feinberg, a far-leftist Obama drone, to oversee it. Remember how they distributed the billions from the car-company collapse? It all went to the unions. Feinberg, under Rahm Emanual's direction, will direct this BP money to those in Obama's political favor. The lying, obfuscation, and treachery continues unabated from this administration.

My other point is that after Barton exposed the shakedown for what it was, an unconstitutional extortion of money from a private company to which the government has no claim whatsoever, other band-wagon republicans, John Boehner, Mike Pence, and Eric Cantor all piled on Barton to condemn his statement. Yesterday, Hill republicans were no better than degenerate democrats.

This is why republicans like these don't deserve their seats as representatives. When the cameras are rolling and everybody is doing the wrong, though popular thing, they fall in lockstep rather than doing the difficult, correct thing which is to tell the truth. Shame on Boehner, Cantor, and Pence for not standing up for Barton, the only republican with the balls to speak his mind.

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