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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Intrepid AP reporter discovers that oil is oily

This stupid AP reporter decided to jump into the BP oil slick and was evidently shocked, shocked to find that it's oily...

From Googlenews -- UNDER THE MURKY DEPTHS OF THE GULF OF MEXICO — Some 40 miles out into the Gulf Of Mexico, I jump off the boat into the thickest patch of red oil I've ever seen. I open my eyes and realize my mask is already smeared. I can't see anything and we're just five seconds into the dive.

Dropping beneath the surface the only thing I see is oil. To the left, right, up and down — it sits on top of the water in giant pools, and hangs suspended fifteen feet beneath the surface in softball sized blobs. There is nothing alive under the slick, although I see a dead jellyfish and handful of small bait fish.

I guess when you've done all the "dead wildlife", "evil BP CEO", and "struggling local business" stories, there's nothing left but to jump into the object of all the fuss.

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