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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The grotesque perversion of religion as practiced by modern Afghans

Lest any doubts remain as to whether Islam, as widely practiced by modern, middle-eastern Muslims, is a barbaric cult of child rapists, watch this video of an Afghan thirteen year-old who is being flogged for daring to resist her forced marriage to a much older pedophile.....

(Newser) – When Khadija, 13, and Basgol, 14, escaped from the much older men they'd been forced to marry, they thought the police would help. Instead, the police officers who found the girls fleeing on a bus sent them back to their home village to be brutally flogged for running away from their husbands. The two girls' fate is nothing unusual in Afghanistan, where marriage of girls under 16 and public flogging—though both illegal—remain widespread.

And you dumb liberals want to draw a moral equivalence between that backward, 3rd century culture and the culture of the rest of the modern world? Go flush your heads!

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