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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

H1N1 -- the pandemic that wasn't

Remember the H1N1 scare with which the World Health Organization terrorized every one? Turns out many of the "experts" that advised the WHO on how to prepare for the certain viral calamity, were on the payroll of the same pharmaceutical companies that sold the antiviral drugs everybody was clamoring for. Seems they conveniently forgot to disclose this obvious conflict of interest.

I'm sure they're enjoying their big-pharma-provided, tropical vacations right about now and having a big laugh at how easy it was to scare the world with the imaginary menace of an H1N1 pandemic. Because of their dire warnings, entire countries bought up billions in anti-viral medicines to protect us from infections that only a handful of people got, and I'm sure the pharm companies were appreciative.

Here is the H1N1 advisory committee, living large at our expense.

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