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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama empanels idiots to do mens' work

In the wake of the oil-spill disaster, Chairman Zero appointed a blue-ribbon panel to set future drilling policy for the US. He wisely staffed it with petroleum-industry scientists, top-notch engineers, and marine exploration experts.......just kidding. He staffed it with smelly hippy rejects from the radical environmental movement who hate off-shore drilling entirely. They are nothing but leftist progressive hacks who'll regurgitate Obama's disdain for the fossil fuel industry. They'll do everything they can to recommend moratoria on future drilling, further restrict current operations, and suggest much higher federal taxes on oil and gasoline....anything to advance Obama's demented obsession with idiotic green energy.

The feckless media will laud the panel as a brilliant collection of the best and brightest minds while ignoring the fact that none of them have spent a day in the petroleum industry. They're like everybody else Obama elevates to positions of power whether czars or cabinet members....they're academicians and theorists....just like himself. BHO doesn't respect real-world experience because he has none himself.

Obama wants to use this crisis to damage the domestic petroleum industry and this panel will help him do it.

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