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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Katie Cupcake thinks a Prius will assuage her eco-guilt

Katie Couric, probably the most vacuous of all the teleprompter readers on TV, gave an interview the other day in which she blamed the BP oil spill on Americans for driving cars, and she promised to buy a Prius to do her part....

Chirped America's favorite cupcake....“We are responsible for creating this problem” in the Gulf of Mexico “and we have to start contemplating our choices in terms of energy,” so “hopefully something like this will really force people to reconsider their choices.”

I swear, Prius drivers think that every trip they take to Starbucks is directly saving a polar bear, preventing the extinction of an African speckled newt, or getting them into heaven easier.

Radical environmentalism, lax oversight, and mechanical failure are responsible for the oil spill. It had nothing to do with petroleum demand. Regardless of how small and efficient our cars are, overall world demand will continue to increase because of developing countries like China and India. Katie Cupcake should know this basic tenet of petroleum-market economics.

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