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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Either the buck stops with Obama, or it doesn't

It is just now being revealed that the Obama administration knew far in advance that there were serious problems on the Deep Horizon oil rig. In fact, BP alerted the administration as early as Feb 13th of oil and natural gas being leaked onto the ocean floor, yet administration officials did nothing as Emanual, Axelrod, and Obama cravenly considered the political implications and calculated possible opportunities to implement agenda items like cap-and-trade. If it turns out that their reckless inaction directly cost 11 Americans their lives and countless families indirectly, their sources of income, shouldn't there be a price to pay? I mean if Obama is serious about the buck stopping with him?

Over at FoxNation there's an excellent article about just this by Kevin McCullough. Worth the read going forward as this disaster drags out into it's third month, with no end in sight.

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