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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more

After 40 years of marriage, Tipper Gore has finally had enough of Al's pompous idiocy. I can't believe she hung on this long. His embarrassing, lifelong obsession with what they both knew was a complete sham, global warming, had to have taken a toll on her sanity, not to mention her self respect.

I never knew how she stayed with him after he used their marriage as a campaign stunt by kissing her full on the mouth, on stage, televised to millions(pictured above). This was during the 2000 campaign when he was compared negatively to Bill Clinton for not being an alpha-male like Clinton. This insulting stunt was to assure voters that he was every bit as manly and virile as Bill. Gross!!! Most wives have more self-respect than that but, Tipper hung in there....probably for the kids.

Bonus: who uttered the famous line in the title of this post?


David said...

Popeye, the sailor - cartoon, followed by Robins Williams-as-Popeye in the 198? movie of the same name.

ed said...

Right you are Dave. You've won an unprecedented two virtual cookies in a row. Can you keep the streak going?

David said...

I will try.

What is the root cause of the Al-Tipper split? and will it surface. I mean 40 years, don't you think there would have been some signs by now? And even if there are problems,how much time do they actually spend together. Why I expect Al is off touring on his anti-capitalist (albeit GREEN) crusade to change the world. Tipper could sulk around one of their many greenhouse-gas spewing McMansions sipping matinis and editing song lyrics.

ed said...

Aside from Al's sheer idiocy, it's probably like you suggested, the time apart. Al is the most self-indulgent person I can imagine with his whole green campaign to terrify everybody with himself as the green prophet. Maybe Tipper saw through all that crap and finally had enough.