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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 14, 2010

Democrats don't like being challenged

Thug democrat congressmen Bob Ethridge from NC assaults a student reporter who is just asking him a simple question....

Any citizen has the right to question any politician holding national office...period! This is what's in store for all Americans if democrats succeed in preserving their stranglehold on power...they'll feel free to exercise it by strong-arming any little person who dares challenge them. The democrats want to establish a large, permanent majority in DC come hell or high water, and they think that nobody has the right to question them about it. If I was Renee Ellmers' campaign manager(Renee Ellmers is Ethridges's electoral opponent in November) I'd be running ads from now until the election featuring this assault by Ethridge.


Anonymous said...

my pc has no sound, what did the student ask him?

ed said...

The student asked him if he supported the Obama agenda. Democrat in the media today are calling it an "ambush" and a "GOP plant". It is unclear why the kid didn't give his name or organization and why his face is blurred out in the clip. I'm kind of curious too. At any rate, Ethridge reacted badly. He'll probably lose re-election because of it, unless somebody can come up with a convincing, right-wing conspiracy.