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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Assigned reading

Over at AmericanSpectator, Peter Ferrara has an interesting article in which he predicts the resignation of Chairman Zero before the 2012 elections. He lays out a pretty convincing argument and chain of likely events that will lead to the narcissist-in-chief's departure.

Honestly, I can't see it happening but it sure would be an epic time in America to have a sitting President walk away from office, not because of crimes committed, but because of gross incompetence and ineffectual governance.

An interesting read...check it out.


David said...

I don't see him resigning. He will have to be voted out and, unfortunatelty, I think even that is unlikely.

Bill said...

I think it unlikely that he will do as "well" as Jimmy Carter did in 1980.