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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elena Kagan needs to be "Borked"

Think Obama's nomination of androgynous radical Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court was a good idea?

In case you missed it, Robert Bork was an eminently qualified, Constitutional originalist when he was nominated by Reagan for the Supreme Court. Within 45 minutes of his nomination the now mercifully deceased Ted Kennedy took to the Senate floor and lied repeatedly about Bork's positions. It is called the Bork's America Speech in the history books and is one of the most shameful episodes in American politics. Joe Biden was the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair at the time and he spear-headed the defeat of Bork as a justice and from the process a new verb was formed. "to Bork" which means to vilify unfairly a political appointee in order to sabotage their nomination to office.(as if you needed another reason to hate the retard Biden).

It would be fittingly ironic if Kagan were to be defeated for the S.C. since she thought the Bork hearing were a good thing. We'll see if the GOP has the guts to stand up against her brand of leftist radicalism. I'm betting they do not.

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