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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama golfs while race relations smolder before the explosion

I'm getting tired of posting these stories, but they are happening with alarming regularity and the media are ignoring them for reasons we all know. Somebody has to get the word out. This is from CBSlocal in Philadelphia.

[my account] A white dude was minding his own business riding his bicycle when out of the blue a gang of "youths" (PC code for black youths) stepped out and punched him in the head with brass knuckles causing three skull fractures and severe flesh lacerations. Not once in the article was the ethnicity of the youths mentioned and we all know why.

When a white cop rightfully confronts a black man who's breaking into a house, later found to be his own, who then acts belligerently toward the cops, Obama calls the cop stupid and hosts a beer summit on race relations. But when dozens of instances of black flash mobs loot stores and beat the crap out of hundreds of white people, for no reason but that they are white, Obama ignores it and takes another vacation. You democrats call that leadership?

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