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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 05, 2011

Al Gore needs to release another chakra

Those of us with brains have never believed in the man-made global warming lies that Al Gore used to manipulate dumb Americans into making him rich beyond belief. We knew all along that the "science" was at best guessed at and at worst wholly made up by this fat pervert.

First it was shown that the Earth had not warmed at all, then all the measurements that "proved" his absurd theory were shown to have been falsified, then the e-mail scandal at IPCC exposed the AGW agenda, then NASA showed the ozone hole didn't exist, then scientists were fired for questionable data collection regarding the put-upon polar bears, now we see the final card in the AGW house of cards has been blown down with the news that the polar ice caps are not shrinking at all, but thickening.

At every turn, Al Gore's disturbed, farcical fantasy that man somehow has any influence at all in the weather, has been proven a pitiful, corrupt charade.

Ha ha....Gore should go back to stuffing his pie-hole with pie and fondling hotel masseuses against their will.

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david said...

Hot air. HE should be banned for generating so much hot air. Do you think he's ever considered that?