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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blacks abandon The One

There are three truths in life....death, taxes, and blacks voting for democrats by a margin of 10:1. And when you have a black democrat the numbers go up from there. To save my life I don't get this, but that's how it is. But even the most stridently racist member of congress, Maxine Waters is softening her blindingly loyal support of Obama over jobs for blacks.....

From WashingtonExaminer -- The problem, Waters said, is that Obama is not paying enough attention to the problems of some black Americans. The unemployment rate for African-Americans nationally is a little over 16 percent, and almost twice that in Detroit. And yet, Waters said, the president is on a jobs-promotion trip through the Midwest that does not include any stops in black communities.

When are blacks going to figure out that democrats dismiss them and their interests entirely between elections because they know they can count on their vote no matter how bad things get. If there is a rich white person around to blame things on, blacks will believe what ever lying democrats tell them. That's why the war on poverty has done nothing but expand poverty. Democrats need blacks to be downtrodden, poor, unemployed, and dependent on them for housing, food, and medical care. That's how democrats keep getting elected, by fooling blacks into thinking they are fighting to get the stuff whites took from them, when it's the democrats who intentionally created the very situation in which black toil and suffer.

Maybe blacks are finally getting wise to the fact that even Obama takes them for granted when it's not within 6 months of an election.

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