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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Verizon thugs lose

After two weeks of loafing, 45,000 thankless Verizon employees will return to work without having their outrageous demands met by management. The union was upset that Verizon wanted to freeze pensions and asked that employees contribute something to their health benefits coverage, kind of like most workers around the country have to do. In order to extort what they wanted, unions scared the crap out of the neighbors by protesting at the CEO's house, they threw feces at workers who crossed the picket lines, and they used their own kids to force vehicles to stop so they could berate the drivers. Why didn't Verizon fire their asses and hire all new workers at a reasonable wage and benefits level?

You'd think they would be happy to have jobs at all given the national employment situation. Moreover, they should be thankful to still be working at all, since they work in the archaic and shrinking landline division. Let's hope this union defeat portends others like it in the months to come. Unions are bad for America.

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Bill Lockhart said...

They should have fired all of their asses. Unions have become rediculous.