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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disappointed NYT journalist retreats to fantasy

So desperate is the left with single-minded concentration on Obama's success that their columnists have resorted to fantasizing about how they'd like things to be. Thomas Friedman of the NYTimes wrote an article pretending that John Boehner poked his finger in the eye of the tea party and joined forces with Obama by becoming a center-left republican. Friedman wonders what would happen if Boehner abandoned the very constituency that handed him the House majority and the Speaker's gavel.

I can answer that very quickly. If republican leadership tries to marginalize or ignore the tea party, in 2012 John Boehner and any republican that joined him would find themselves out of work....their political careers well and truly over. But that's exactly what Friedman was fantasizing about. Tea Party people are not GOP loyalists. We're happy to toss out anybody who fails to fight for the core principles of economic conservatism.


Bill said...

Friedman is one of those people we've all met to is just INCREDIBLY impressed with his own intelligence and insight.

Ed said...

He and Krugman are cut from the same elitist, self-adoring cloth. Queef Olberman wants to be like them, but he has neither the intelligence or insight. Queef used to brag about having a degree from Cornell, but it was from the Cornell Ag school, a completely different campus. What an asshole!

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