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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Vancouver welcomes crack heads

The city of Vancouver is planning a program through which that city's crack-heads can get clean crack pipes and a safe, supervised environment in which to get high. I thought Vancouver was better than this, but then it is still Canada, the nanniest of nanny-States.

Here's an idea for a way to recover the cost of the program. Why not do it stadium style where citizens buy tickets to watch government-trained supervisors distribute crack pipes and crack to homeless, degenerate, derelicts and watch them get high, fight with each other, and yell at no one in particular. Plus, when the inevitable OD takes place, we can watch the lazy, government workers argue over whose job it is to perform CPR while the crack head passes away, ridding us of responsibility for his upkeep. It's like a two-fer....top-shelf entertainment and public service all in one.


David said...

So THAT'S a crack pipe.

caleb rubinov said...

no thats a meth pipe in the picture a crack pipe looks like a chillum for weed

caleb rubinov said...