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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, August 15, 2011

Michelle Bachmann proving more resilient than people expect

Tim Pawlenty should have known better than to attack Michelle Bachmann the way he did about her migraines. And while the questions about her lack of executive experience were valid, he persisted to the point of coming across as unfairly picking on her. Why not go after Romney? Or Obama? It's too early in the primary campaign to starting the cannibalism of other republicans.

With every slight by Pawlenty, the Tea Party golden girl Bachmann's support seemed to galvanize and she came away from Iowa stronger. I don't see her being the nominee, especially with Gov. Perry in the race now, but if she can stick around through and after South Carolina without any major gaffes or scandals, she could position herself as a serious candidate for the #2 slot. In the mean time the other candidates should choose carefully their criticism of her. It backfired for Pawlenty.

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