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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 26, 2011

This time around, will Geraldo actually weep again?

With hurricane Ilene bearing down on the east coast and the 50million or so residents in her path, I wonder how dumb celebrities and media will contort themselves to blame Obama for directing the storm against white people, the way they blamed Bush for Katrina? When urban residents fail to leave their homes and get stranded or drowned, will there be looting, cannibalism, and Geraldo literally crying about the plight of America's poor downtrodden?

Surely the mayors of DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York will have plans for evacuating their respective "chocolate cities", that don't involve school buses. Let's at least hope this guy hasn't relocated to the east coast or there'll be a shortage of Heineken in the aftermath.


Bill said...

I know you've already heard the quip that the earthquake was centered on "Bush's Fault."

David said...

Save the beer! I love it.

I'm supposed to be in Virginia on Monday. We'll see if that transpires.

Ed said...

Hey fellas, you two got TRR covered next week while I waste time at the beach? Thanks.