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Monday, August 08, 2011

Department of Innovation logo is a perfect metaphor for government

Have you figured it out yet? How hilariously perfect this logo is for any government agency, but when it's used for the Smithsonian's blog called Department of Innovation, it approaches the sublime?

Three gears interlocked in this configuration cannot turn at all. Much like the government itself, they are locked in position, unable to do anything useful. Plus, the spacing of the teeth on the smaller gears is way off. Even if they could turn, you wouldn't get more than a few degrees of rotation before the machine chewed itself to pieces....heh heh.....perfect!


Bill said...

You can't expect an "artiste" to be concerned with such mundane details such as whether or nothing something would actually work. Obama is the perfect example; rhetoric for its own sake, devoid of meaning.

The sad thing about this to me is that the current head of the Smithsonian is the former president of the Georgia Institute of Technology and should know better.

david said...

I bet you won't see this the GT alumni magazine! Now, if they were helical cut gears I MIGHT give him a pass!

Ed said...

And if frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their asses when they jumped. No helixes that I can tell.

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www.granada-3d.com said...

The guy is definitely right, and there's no question.