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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Liberals blame everybody but criminals for UK crime

Over at The Atlantic, some nimrod named Derek Thompson posits that if the US implements austerity measures that are similar to those in the UK, we could well see our disgruntled youths resort to violence here. He legitimizes and decriminalizes the violence with the lame rationalization that poor, unemployed youth naturally become violent marauders, looters, and vandals when you try to take away their government support. And you're practically asking for it if you cut generous social programs too much.

No, youths who are criminals resort to criminal behavior when they get cut off from the teat at which they've been sucking at the expense of other people better than them. People aren't natural criminals, criminals are naturally criminal. What government can do to prevent this sort of thing is make the business environment as friendly to business as possible. That way most of these would-be thugs would have jobs rather than sitting around idle collecting a check that they think they deserve. We can easily prevent this from coming to America, but Obama and the democrats won't abandon their dreams of a vast, Soviet-style welfare state with themselves at the top of it. If we stupidly re-elect Obama next year, we'll deserve every bit of what we get....just like the UK deserves what they are getting now.

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Bill said...

Centuries past Britons were vastly poorer than today, without any kind of government handout. They became the sailors of a world conquering navy and citizens of a global empire far beyond anything to be expected from such a small island. Any Englishman who knows his nation's history must be weeping.