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Friday, August 05, 2011

We humiliate ourselves in Afghanistan

WARNING: this post is liable to offend the delicate. If you consider yourself to be delicate, don't read it.

It's Ramadan in Afghanistan. In case you didn't know, Ramadan is the yearly religious observance by backward Muslims who regard a barbaric pedophile as a god. Fine by me. Who cares what nutty religious rituals are observed by drug-addled nomads in their God-forsaken shit hole of a country? That said, why are our military women required to wear their garb in order to be sensitive? And why are all our soldiers told not to eat or drink during the daylight hours of Ramadan for fear of offending the delicate sensibilities of people in whose country we're currently killing people and blowing things up?

Afghanistan was a lost-cause hell-hole before the US existed and it'll be a hell-hole long after we're gone. Why are we wasting money we don't have on a corrupt, third-world country that hates us and that will never be a functioning, trust-worthy republic?


david said...

are the females really being forced to cover their heads? these "soldiers" don't look like many I've seen especially given their circumstances, environment, etc.

Typically soldiers wear helmets. Note the male soldier in the background. This photograph is fishy.

Ed said...

Here's the article in the Daily Caller. I also got some background from Stars and Stripes.



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