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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cops need to stop some actual crime and leave lemonade stands alone

Having put a stop to all gang violence, murders, rapes, B&E's, assaults, meth labs, drunk driving, and jay walking, the local and state police are being dispatched all over the nation to once and for all put an end to the scourge of the scofflaw lemonade stands that pollute the serenity of law-abiding suburban neighborhoods from Palo Alto to Poughkeepsie.

If food permits are the problem, why not send out smarmy, humorless bureaucrats who didn't get breast-fed as children to rough up and disappoint the young entrepreneurs? Why waste cop time on lemonade stands when people are being raped and murdered everywhere? Is it because 12 year olds selling lemonade don't shoot at cops when confronted? It's a lot safer to roust kids doing what kids have done for generations rather than actually stop someone from being brutally assaulted or stop somebody's kid from getting hooked on crystal meth. Stopping actual crime is dangerous work and the union thugs might not approve.

Good grief! What has this country become?


Bill said...

I saw it described as "anarchic tyranny" in that real dangerous crimes are ignored while harmless innocent process crimes are rigidly suppressed.

On a related note, the Gibson Guitar Company was terrorized by Fish and Wildlife agents over the wood and other materials they import. The WSJ has a good story on it. An Atlanta piano company owner was threatened with prison over paperwork regarding antique ivory keys.

Ed said...

Yeah, they sent a dozen agents into the piano store because they suspected the wood was illicitly gotten in another country....incredible!