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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The UK riots summed up nicely in one poster

This encapsulates perfectly the inevitable, pathetic end result of the nanny-State. Heh heh....the formerly great Britain will never live these riots down.


Bill said...

Yesterdays WSJ had a chilling column about how the UK has criminalized self-defense while letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist or less. Defending yourself with a PENKNIFE is considered a felony and could get you years. A man who FOUND a shotgun and carried it to the police station to turn in was given 5 years before an outcry reduced it to probation.

In past centuries they hanged children for stealing food in Britain. They have now gone just as far in the opposite direction.

Ed said...

It's pathetic that the worst punishment they'll be doling out to the thousands of looters they've arrested is to kick them off the welfare rolls and government housing.

How much can be left of a nation that won't even defend itself?

Bill said...

Living in one of the free states of the U.S., I know that I can blow away anyone breaking into my home without fear of the law under the "castle doctrine". I still would have to live with my conscience, if it weren't truly justified. Even the worst anti-freedom cities like Chicago, or Washington, D.C. have far better laws than the entire U.K. How sad.

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